Sticky Notes

Duck Sticky Notes is a simple and easy to use app that focuses on sticky notes to remind you of things.

Without advertising, and minimalist design style! You can quickly display your memo, reminders, thinking, checklist, plans, and more on your iPhone & iPad Home Screen / Lock Screen by Duck Sticky Notes. It supports adding multiple widgets on home screen, so that you can view it at any time.


■ Interesting Creative Functions

Provide dozens of creative underline styles and artistic fonts, so that you can create a variety of notes paper which is letter paper, square paper, grid paper, bookmarks, etc.

■ Customize Memo Widget

You can freely edit widget, include font size, font color, alignment style, background photo, background color, underline color, etc.

■ Make Cute Notes

You can choose the colorful styles of sticky notes to write important content, use photos as the background to decorate the memo.

■ Most Convenient Category Tag

Use color tags to organize and manage the sticky notes on iPhone & iPad.

■ Drawing With iPhone Or iPad

Use your fingers to create your drawing, or use Apple Pencil on a compatible iPad.

■ Notes Widget On Home Screen

There are three size of widget: large, medium, and small. Especially, click on the desktop quickly open the editing page to write content.

■ Memo Widget On Lock Screen

Customize your lock screen with text, characters, emojis.


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