iOS 16: How to Add Widgets to Your iPhone Lock Screen

AnyWidget is an essential application that helps you make personalize Lock Screen and beautify the themes of iPhone. With iOS 16, You can now add custom widgets to your Lock Screen to glance at information like the launcher, shortcuts, time, date, calendar, progress, text, icon, photos, and more.

You can customize the Lock Screen with unique fonts, colors, and, for the first time, widgets, providing you with glanceable information that you can check without having to open your ‌iPhone‌'s Home Screen or the Today view.

The widgets that you can add above the time on the Lock Screen include another time zone, a set alarm, the next calendar event, a weather condition, your activity rings, the next reminder, and a chosen stock. You can insert a widget alongside the date above the digital clock on the Lock Screen.

Widgets‌ that can be placed below the time are more info-rich and include device battery levels, Calendar, Clock, Fitness, Home, News, Reminders, Stocks, and Weather. You can add up to four square symbol-based widgets below the time, or up to two rectangular widgets with more information, or alternatively a combination of two square widgets and one rectangular widget.

To get started adding widgets, all you need to do is unlock your ‌‌iPhone‌‌ with Face ID or Touch ID, and then long press on the Lock Screen to enter the Lock Screen gallery. The following steps guide you through the rest of the process.

Adding Widgets to Your Lock Screen

❶ Tap the frame either above or below the time to bring up the widgets selector.

❷ Tap the App “AnyWidget” .

Tap the widget shape to add them to the frame.

❹ Click to open the lockscreen widgets shape selector, and select the content to be displayed.

❺ When you're finished arranging your widgets, tap Done in the top-right corner of the screen.

❻ Tap the current Lock Screen in the wallpaper gallery to activate it.

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