AnyWidget : Lock Screen Widget

Get important updates and notifications without unlocking your phone.

You can add widgets to your lock screen on iPhone.

App Launcher

AnyWidget provides hundreds of popular apps and system apps List for you. You can now create an APP shortcut to the iPhone Lock Screen interface, and start the app with one click. 


You can also add shortcuts by entering shortcut name, Web Link, App Scheme. After adding it to the Lock Screen, you can open it with one click.

Days Counter

Enter the date when the anniversary begins, the app will count the days automatically. Never miss every important days.

Date Progress

Just enter starting date and end date, immediately record the progress of important events. The progress data is clear at a glance, allowing you to master the date progress in real time.

Text & Icon

Customize your lock screen with text, characters, emojis, and photos.


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